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The first alternative iOS App Store is confirmed as MacPaw’s Setapp comes to iPhone as a mobile marketplace in the EU later this year


The interface and feature set on both the Windows and macOS versions are almost the same, except that the Windows version has a registry cleaner feature. MacOS doesn’t have a registry (learn more about the reason from this Quora discussion), so no registry cleaner is needed. However, after carefully reviewing the results, I finally discovered MacFly counts the content in /private/var/folders as junk while CleanMyMac doesn’t. Out of the 2.69 GB of junk it found, 1.45 GB was from this folder. You probably shouldn’t delete files in this folder unless you know what you’re doing, as you could break something or cause a problem with macOS.

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MacPaw: the Ukrainian cybersecurity firm defying a cyberwar.

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In a press release, MacPaw said it was “feeling optimistic” about the changes announced and that it had been “eagerly anticipating” the move. I am thoroughly impressed with the response I received from MacPaw. They were thorough and it was apparent to me that they cared about me.

Who should stay on and who should leave the EU App Store

OnyX – OnyX is a freeware app that gets lots of love in the Apple community. Personally, I feel it’s best for power users and techies. Unlike cleaning software primarily designed for non-tech users, you’ll probably have a hard time using OnyX. Its user interface looks quite different from the other apps reviewed here, with lots of checkboxes and buttons to click. It’s powerful, can do the job for you, and offers a number of other utilities; however, I find it’s not best for me. The app is really good, but frankly, I still prefer CleanMyMac because it’s way more powerful than CCleaner and much easier to use.


An “Unwanted Connections” popup will appear as soon as the app detects potentially unwanted activity, notifying you of the activity. It will macpaws then offer you the option to allow or deny the connection. To use Setapp, you’ll install a small app that puts a folder in your Finder.

Please don’t use the Apple Vision Pro while driving

Previously, I tested an earlier version of the app and wrote a review based on my findings. It found nearly 40 GB of duplicate files on my MacBook, and I ended up removing 10 GB within just a few minutes. When you have questions or encounter any technical issues related to an app, it’s best that the developer can be reached out in a number of ways like email, live chat, or phone. If they have a knowledge base with FAQs and/or an actively moderated forum, that’s even better. When it comes to evaluating whether a Mac cleaning app is worth it, we often take both its features and price into consideration.

  • I even had a hunch that the app isn’t fully optimized for scanning an APFS-based drive.
  • Entered my licence number and bingo, I was able to clean my MacBook Air removing 21 Gb of junk.
  • Stand With Ukraine shortcut links provide access to trusted fundraising campaigns, petition-signing initiatives, activist efforts and media outlets.
  • Also, in the Mac community, there’s a general consensus that you should keep at least 10% (some say 20%) free disk space in order for your machine to run smoothly.

In general, Macs don’t need the same level of system maintenance thanks to their Unix heritage. If you read their product pages, you’ll notice some marketing hypes and myths that are way off the line, you can read the “Common Misconceptions about Mac Cleaning” section below to learn more. SkyBuster scans your system to identify the software you have installed, then tells you if any of it could be a concern. Its Static Analysis tool examines everything you have installed on your Mac, looking for any links to countries like Russia or Belarus. Secure connections are also supported, of course, using Android-powered devices, iPhones, iPads and Windows computers.

How to factory reset the Apple Vision Pro

If you have tried both apps, you’ll probably agree that CCleaner Free is far behind in cleaning features, and the results (i.e. extra disk space) you get will be night and day. Another reason that might hold you back from considering CCleaner is the recent malware issue involved with the app. You can read more about that in this TechCrunch report; I covered the issue here as well. Disk Inventory X – This app claims it can scan a disk and show the sizes of all files and folders in visualized “treemaps”. In this sense, it’s similar to DaisyDisk — both apps give you a colorful overview of your Mac files.

MacFly Pro is a new player in the Mac cleaning app market. My teammate Adrian reviewed MacClean thoroughly and found that it was able to free up around 35 GB of storage from his MacBook Air with a 128 GB SSD drive. Most scans were quite fast, usually completed in seconds — very helpful, as Adrian said. However, the app definitely has room for improvement, as Adrian encountered several crashes, and failed to find some large files he hadn’t used for a while.

Ukrainian Developer MacPaw’s SpyBuster for Mac Warns Users of Software Developed in Russia

I really hope that MacPaw integrated Gemini’s features into CleanMyMac. I emailed their team my feedback, but it seems they don’t have a plan to do this at the moment. Therefore, the goal of conducting this review and comparison is to help you make wiser decisions and find your desired Mac cleaner app. I have no intention to rank these products in the current order.

Out of curiosity, I decided to test those popular Mac cleaners and see how they’d perform. In total, I’ve tried 20+ such apps and you can find my detailed findings in this review. It’s also common knowledge that whether a computer runs fast or slow largely depends on its hardware configuration and the software programs it’s processing. You can’t rely on a third-party app to boost the performance of your computer, it’s just unrealistic. When the time came and the collection was put up for auction, we made a quick decision to buy it all to keep Apple history alive at MacPaw. That’s how a 128k Macintosh signed by Steven Wozniak ended up in our Kyiv office, along with other gems from the Tekserve shop.

Remember, a Mac cleaner app will (probably) not make your Mac faster. There is no convincing evidence that a Mac with more available storage will be faster than one with less available storage. At least I don’t see such benchmark tests as of this writing. There are no industry tests or scientific research showing that cleaning a Mac will directly speed up your computer’s performance. The main use case of Mac cleaning is to free up more disk space.

I Had a problem with a “risk ware” which my version of “CleanMyMac X”. I followed his/her advise and this time the threat was removed. DupeGuru – dupeGuru is an app that finds duplicate files on your Mac; in that vein, it’s similar to Gemini 2.

How We Picked and Tested These Mac Cleaners

Also, in the Mac community, there’s a general consensus that you should keep at least 10% (some say 20%) free disk space in order for your machine to run smoothly. Previously I had a mid-2012 MacBook Pro and now I use a 15-inch MacBook Pro (2017 model). I love exploring all kinds of software and apps and figuring out what they have to offer to improve my productivity. All the software and apps I tested are free of viruses or malware, but when it comes to deleting files the apps suggest you do, better be careful as you might delete the wrong files. In the two weeks since receiving that message, the need for secure connections and communications has only increased in importance.

This is a general misconception among new Mac users who switch over from Windows PCs. Windows users are “taught” to run a registry cleaner program due to accumulated web browser caches and system junk files, leading to a belief that your PC is dirty. If you are a power Mac user, you probably don’t need it. For those who are not into tech, Mac cleaner software can save you some time or hassles cleaning your Mac. Online services, such as messaging services or email providers, are required to turn over the data to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) whenever it wants, without the need for a court order.


Last week, Apple confirmed that it would open up iOS app distribution on iPhone in the EU, allowing developers to offer their apps through alternative storefronts from third parties. The measures come in advance of the Digital Markets Act, which it must comply with by March 7. The changes also include loosening restrictions on browsers and Apple Pay, as well as a new policy that will allow game streaming apps such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce now on iPhone. Any other good Mac cleaner software/apps that we missed to cover in this guide?

  • Officelovin is a platform that showcases the world’s best office design.
  • For example, in the wake of Facebook and Twitter changing policies and stopping advertising in the Ukraine and Russia, a Russian regulator ordered to throttle both social media platforms in retaliation.
  • We remain committed to making a meaningful, positive impact in the software sector.
  • CleanMyMac X has a number of cleaning utilities that are helpful in getting rid of system junk, while Gemini 2 shows its power in detecting and removing duplicate photos and files.
  • We look forward to collaborating with leading mobile app developers who seek more equitable ways to reach their customers.

Please note that I run the app regularly and the last scan was just two weeks ago. If it’s your first time using this app, you’ll probably find a lot more junk. Most Mac users will choose to update their machines to the latest version. Therefore, the best Mac cleaner app must support the latest macOS. In general, paid apps tend to offer more features and values than free apps.