DACI: a decision-making framework

decision making framework

Once you’ve made the decision, work through project management tools like Trello or Jira Work Management to implement it, test it, and monitor it. Continue to document your progress along the way in Confluence so you can refer to it in the future to replicate or iterate your performance. Choosing your decision-making process can be obvious, like an autocratic decision to determine the marketing budget for the year.

This framework is prevalent in software development and project management, where change is constant, and flexibility is required for effective decision-making. It is particularly useful in change management https://www.bookstime.com/ and strategic planning, where understanding the balance of forces can inform effective strategies. This model underscores the importance of unconscious or intuitive decision-making processes.

What is the decision making process?

When a lone individual is responsible for making a decision, they may stall, worrying about the consequences of making the wrong decision. But when your organization has to scale decision-making, the formula is far more complicated and the process can take much longer. If you’ve ever wrestled with a decision at work, you’re definitely not alone. According decision making framework to McKinsey research, executives spend a significant portion of their time—nearly 40 percent, on average—making decisions. People struggle with decisions so much so that we actually get exhausted from having to decide too much, a phenomenon called decision fatigue. RACI was popular after World War II as big business was booming in the US.

decision making framework

When your decision has a big impact on your team and you need to maximize outcomes, this is the type of decision making process you should use. It requires you to consider a wide range of viewpoints with little bias so you can make the best decision possible. This type of decision making model is the most common type that you’ll see. The seven steps listed above are an example of the rational decision making model.